Baking with unique uniformity. Thanks to the traditional rotary encoder control, you can use all the functions you expect from a professional charging oven.

The reliable shop machine

The ideal partner when it comes to baking. Our stainless steel backmasters with a brightly lit baking chamber are an eye-catcher in every room. Baking in the best quality with unique uniformity – a matter of course. Experience the pleasure of baking with our Backmaster B and inspire your customers with fresh and crispy pastries all day long.

Backmaster B models have standard features such as automatic pre-heating function, individual amount of pollutants in milliliters and resting time in seconds. Numerous extras round off the offer and provide for baking pleasure.

Discover the Backmaster.

  • Digital display for time, steam volume and baking temperature
  • HACCP display showing all data, data can be archived via PC and LAN interfaces
  • Pro-Connect software for creation and management of cooking and baking programmes and HACCP data management
  • Programmes can be adjusted without stopping the machine
  • Manual, precise steaming
  • Eloma live steam system
  • Left and right hinged doors

Technical Details

  • Digital display for time and baking temperature
  • 5 cleaning programmes for all kinds of contamination (with the autoclean® option)
  • HACCP display showing all data, data can be archived via PC and LAN interfaces
  • Pro-Connect software for creation and management of cooking and baking programmes and HACCP data management
  • Various fan speeds
  • Programmes can be adjusted without stopping the machine
  • Automatic heating and cooling, with cool down function
  • Automatic pause time recommendation
  • Manual, precise steaming

Live steam generation directly into the cooking chamber links the boiler and direct injector: the steaming water is heated by means of patented heat recovery – this saves energy and the live steam is available in seconds without preheating. Only a very tiny amount of energy is required for evaporation in the cooking chamber in order to generate the desired baking climate.

This has a number of benefits:

  • Millilitre-precise steam volume at high temperatures, available in seconds
  • Optimum steaming thanks to micronisation of the steam. Injection on a rotary atomiser guarantees the fastest possible vapour saturation throughout the entire baking chamber.
  • Optimum volume formation and a seductive sheen on your pastry products thanks to saturated steaming
  • Our Backmaster EB 30 and EB 20 XL are available with a water tank as an optional extra – no additional water connection required. You can position the machine anywhere you like in the room.

The ultimate in hygiene and safety – our unique, patented, fully automatic self-cleaning system.

Your Backmaster takes care of everything – you only need to press a button.


  • Liquid cleaning system coordinated with Eloma products and ready for use, for optimum cleaning results and the best possible surface protection
  • Proven, unsurpassed cleaning results: requiring a minimal amount of time, power and water
  • Extremely low cleaning costs thanks to precise metering of the liquid cleaner
  • Maximum safety and perfect health protection, with no direct contact with cleaning chemicals
  • The programme can be started at any time without manual cooling or opening the door
  • Perfect cleaning results thanks to a rotary jet
  • No more refilling or fiddly handling of cartridges or tabs
  • Top hygiene standards for products and processes

We recommend our Eloma MULTI-CLEAN products for the best cleaning results and long machine life.

Award-winning Eloma technology: good for the environment and for your wallet.


  • A high-performance heat exchanger can save you up to 16% energy and up to 42% water
  • Preheating the steaming water to up to 70°C using exhaust heat
  • No additional costs for maintenance work
  • We are currently the only manufacturer of combi steamers whose multi-eco system has won the Dr.-Georg-Triebe Innovation Prize in the ecology and energy efficiency categories

Perfect ergonomics – we manufacture your machine to suit your requirements.


Only Eloma offers this: no matter where you position your machine, Eloma can adapt it to fit the space you have available. Our machines are available with door hinges on the right-hand side or with a mirrored control panel on the left-hand side.

  • Easy to adjust and install
  • We offer custom system solutions as an innovative solutions provider
  • Outstanding flexibility for all applications thanks to an optimised delivery programme
  • Original Eloma live steam system
  • Preheating and rapid cooling (Active Temp) with utilisation of residual heat
  • Manual steaming
  • Temperature range 30°C – 250°C
  • Fan wheel – auto reverse for superbly even results
  • Clima-Aktiv® humidification and de-humidification with unique supply air system
  • Climatic®: Temperature and humidity measurement/control
  • Connector for energy optimisation
  • Exhaust air damper which can be controlled individually

JÖRG MOSTERT | Key Account Manager Eloma Sales Partner Gehring Group AG

With Eloma devices, all conceivable variations can be realized, such as combination dampers in combination with a backmaster, solutions with integrated condensation hood and much more. The wide product range of standard devices GN 20 2/1 over the classic device sizes 10-11 and 6-11 up to the new compact Eloma JOKERMT (as GN 2/3 or 1/1) offers a solution for almost every task.
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