When developing the MULTIMAX combi-steamer we pursued a clear target: Highest efficiency by reducing things to the essentials. No frills. No fuss. And the result is what many chefs wished for: A reliable, uncomplicated craftsman. MULTIMAX is a reliable partner. It supports the kitchen staff in all work processes and makes sure that the chef can do his job with due passion and concentration. Easy handling and quality craftsmanship – this combination is our secret for long-lasting success. Made in Germany!

For the real craftsmen among the chefs.


In the last few years the cooking has brought many exciting flowers. From insect recipes to molecular kitchen. Curiosity and experimentation are important characteristics of a cook. But also who has tried many things, appreciate the essentials. Cooking is a craft. To master this, it needs a good education and many years of experience. Only those who master the basics can guide their kitchen confidently and competently. MULTIMAX has been created for such chefs. He is like you: a craftsman, a master, a master of his subject.


The best things in life are the simple things. This is the case with the MULTIMAX combi-steamer, simply by concentrating on what‘s really needed. And that‘s exactly what makes your MULTIMAX so valuable. It’s all about cooking.

It’s about you. Your creativity. It’s about something new and delicious. And it’s about the taste and good food.

But in the end it’s also about time. We are here for you, so that you get more of it.


  • 5“ Touch-Screen (resistive)
  • Language neutral operation
  • Push-dial
  • Eloma live steam system
  • Fan speed in 6 levels, programmable
  • HACCP data logging and display
  • Semi-automatic cleaning system (autoclean® as an option)
  • SPS®: Steam protection system
  • Active temp: active preheat and cool down

Technical Details

In the kitchen there is usually no time for long and detailed instructions. That‘s
why we designed an intuitive and time saving control: with a language neutral
5“ display and a push-dial. Thanks to the new USB port positioning, updates
and programmes can be transferred as easy as never before.

The MULTIMAX also features the Eloma live steam system. It generates steam
directly in the cooking chamber, which is ideal, also for sensitive food – saving you
water and energy.

It truly assists the chef in the day to day operations and makes sure that the
guests are continously happy with the results. The MULTIMAX memory of 99
programmes and the Steptronic® function ensure high quality results
every time.her.

Thanks to the simple and basic concept behind it, MULTIMAX remains a multitalented machine: a true all-rounder! With 8 cooking modes from 30°C to 300°C: steaming, combi-steaming, intensive-steaming, vario-steaming, con-vection cooking, low-temperature and Delta-T cooking as well as regeneration. The MULTIMAX can cover
it all.

Award-winning Eloma technology: good for the environment and for your wallet.

A high-performance heat exchanger can save you up to 16% energy and up to 42% water

Preheating the steaming water to up to 70°C (158°F) using exhaust heat

No additional costs for maintenance work

We are currently the only manufacturer of combi steamers whose multi-eco system has won the Dr.-Georg-Triebe Innovation Prize in the ecology and energy efficiency categories

• 5″ Touch-Screen (resistive)

• Language neutral operation

• Push-dial

• autoclean® (OPTION)

• 8 operating modes from 30°C to 300°C

• 99 programme spaces with 9 steps each

• Steptronic®: adding steps and combining cooking modes

• Clima-activ®: active dehumidification and air inlet

• Fan speed in 5 levels and pulsed, programmable, for gentle cooking

• Autoreverse fan for even results

• HACCP data logging and display

• Live steam system

• Time setting from 1 min to 24 hours and continuous operation

• Start time setting

• E/2: Energy saving mode

• Manual cleaning: supported / semi-automatic

• Multi-point core-temperature sensor

• Multi-eco-system (OPTION)

• Active temp: active preheat and cool down

• Safety door lock

• Integrated spray hose

• Steam discharge

• SPS®: Steam protection system

• Manual steaming

• Regeneration mode

• Delta-T cooking

• Low-temperature cooking

• Programme list

TANJA KRUGER | Head chef of Makaron, Majeka House, Stellenbosch, South Africa

The two MULTIMAX are multi functional and hard working, which is exactly what we need for this type of oven. It allows us to control temperature easily and to the point – that makes cooking certain tricky elements much easier.
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