The Eloma philosophy

We offer all professional cooking and baking users the most outstanding benefits. And we fulfil this promise every single day.

Corporate strategy

The best cooking and baking results, extremely efficient and sustainable operation and Eloma product operation tailored perfectly to users are at the heart of all we set out to achieve. 

Only people who really understand their customers can create innovative, optimised solutions. And for this reason, many of our divisions employ chefs, butchers, bakers, food technologists and engineers who represent a large proportion of our target groups.

Constant sales growth and profits are not our targets. Instead, we aim to reap the benefits of a constant process of improvement and sustainable business management.


Our customer approach

All contact with customers is positive for us. It helps us to learn new things and to go on improving the benefits of our products, the service we provide and the quality of our organisation.

We never let ourselves be surpassed by anybody in our efforts to offer our customers outstanding quality and benefits.

Our approach with suppliers 

We regard our suppliers and service partners as part of our value chain, and that's how we treat them.

We expect loyalty, quality, commitment and innovation from them. And of course, they must expect the same from us.

Our staff & personnel management approach

We know that the quality of our company is the sum of the quality of all our staff. We expect ability, commitment, performance and conscientiousness from our staff.

The management at Eloma say what they do and do what they say. They lead by means of clearly formulated targets. They develop their staff by getting things done, and by means of factual, consistent communication. They turn the people affected into the people involved, so transforming them into part of the solution.