The best cooking and baking results

Eloma guarantees incomparable food quality – whether you bake or steam, grill, cook at low temperatures or regerate the food.


  • Perfectly saturated, powerful and even live steam for pastry products and other foods
  • Unsurpassed even results with a full load
  • Fewer ingredients used thanks to minimal cooking losses, guaranteeing all-round top food quality
  • Cooking chamber climate always precise and stable: heat, humidity, time, dehumidification, fan speed and air circulation – ideal for delicate foods and essential for crispy crusts, juicy roasts and scrumptious pastry products
  • Intelligent core temperature measurement cooks meat carefully and perfectly
  • Precise steaming with dynamic pause times gives your pastry products a perfect sheen and an all-over golden crust.
  • Automatic switching off prevents overcooking, while automatic door opening prevents pastry products being baked too much
  • Perfect cleaning results thank to the fully automatic cleaning system - and no direct contact with chemicals



Highly efficient and reliable operation


Eloma is all about efficiency, economy and reliability

  • We know you'll be wanting to work and do business with our machines for a very long time. That's why we always consider the overall life cycle of our machines
  • Outstanding energy efficiency, minimal water consumption and short heating times for cooking and baking – certified by HKI Cert
  • Autoclean, the automatic cleaning system with Multiclean liquid cleaner and rinser for perfect cleaning results, minimal cleaning costs and low environmental impact
  • Many approvals and certificates – all of which build confidence in four decades of innovative Eloma cooking and baking technology
  • Service in more than 50 countries and 100% availability of spare parts with our 24 h online ordering facility for spare parts
  • We think sustainable, we think long-term. We pay attention to your operating costs over the entire useful life of your machine


User-friendly handling

Very simple operation, flexible use – there are no bounds to your creativity.

  • Technology isn't Eloma's prime concern as regards cooking and baking programs, menu groups and cooking methods. No – Eloma considers chefs, butchers, bakers. And that's just the beginning. Everyone can work in whatever way they prefer – four decades of Eloma's practical experience helps with this
  • Combined load cooking with Eloma means simultaneous cooking of various dishes. When a dish is ready, your machine lets you know – it's your perfect kitchen assistant
  • Eloma, the inventor of the compact mini combi steamer. Unrivalled top cooking results in the smallest spaces. The mirrored control panel, the only one of its kind in the world, for doors hinged on the left resolves all space problems in confined areas
  • Custom system solutions are available thanks to the Eloma Modular Solution. You can combine all machines with one another, depending on your requirement: Combi steamer on a bake-off oven with a condensation hood, and you can make the whole thing mobile if you like
  • If you don't find what you're looking for in our library of cooking and baking recipes, a wealth of recipe programs are available for you under Info24 – in many different languages and suited to a vast range of cultures