100 per cent quality

All Eloma machines are made entirely in Germany. Our many years of experience, profound engineering knowledge and traditional craftsmanship guarantee that you'll always be impressed by the outstanding quality of our products and promise you outstanding performance year after year. Our machines are subject to strict controls every year in order to ensure that our products will continue to be certified with a wide range of test seals.

Quality standards

Tried and trusted quality

At Eloma, quality is a top priority. It starts at our production plant in Germany and extends to our service partners all over the world.

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Business quality

Premium quality
"Made in Germany"

We know that the quality of our company is the sum of the quality of all our staff.

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Awards demonstrating our quality

In large catering kitchens or in small snack shops, in the Antarctic or in the Caribbean, Eloma cooking and baking technology inspires all kinds of users in the most diverse places all over the world.

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