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Eloma – Quality made in Germany.

Eloma is based on a balanced blend of traditional and modern – from the development of the first combi steamer to the latest JOKER generation. We remain true to this philosophy so that you can continue to experience the joy of cooking and baking in the future.
For us, tradition is “100 per cent made in Germany”. We undertake to provide the very best quality thanks to German engineering and craftsmanship.
For us, modern aspects include technology with little environmental impact, versatility and simple operation which is fun and easy to understand.

Our history.
The Eloma success story.

Flares were in, “Lady Bump” was on the radio around the clock and, in accordance with legislation from 1 January 1975, for the first time in Germany citizens were considered of legal age at 18. A good year to set yourself up in business. The three Eloma founders were tinkering with their first chicken grilling machine in a garage in Munich. And just like fashion and music has changed, Eloma has resolutely continued to develop further. From a three-man operation to premium manufacturer for combi steamers and in-store baking ovens. Once thing that remains to this day is the quality commitment which goes hand in hand with German manufacturing. 100 percent!

1975 1975
Founding of the company

Even Eloma started off small. Inspired by emerging chicken roasting businesses, three young men build the first chicken griller in a garage near Munich. This is an electric machine, so they simply call their company Eloma. The first range of combi steamers developed by Eloma go on sale a couple of years later. The garage was too small, and so production moved to a hall in Gernlinden.

1984 1984
The first bake-off oven

External steam generation. The first Eloma bake-off oven was well ahead of its time. It had two viewing windows, and customers could look at their rolls baking, while the oven was loaded from behind. The "viewable oven" was used in department stores, cafeterias and snack bars, enticing customers from far and wide to visit with the delicious scent of fresh pastry products.

1989 1989
Eloma live steam system

The spirit of innovation never diminishes: To save energy, time and water, Eloma develops its unique live steam system. This is a boiler and a direct injector all in one, and the steam is generated directly in the cooking chamber. The live steam system is now fitted as standard in all Eloma combi steamers and baking ovens.

1990 1990
New building, Maisach plant 1

Due to exceptional demand, production was switched to line assembly. The number of staff at the company has grown as well, and so production, administration and logistics have to find a new home. What's now the company premises in Maisach, near Munich, comes into being.

1992 1992
Heat recovery

Eloma develops the multi-eco system, which uses heat exchangers, hot air and steam to reheat water in order to generate steam. Eloma still uses this technology standard in many of its models, which received the Dr.-Georg-Triebe Innovations award in 2005.

1998 1998
The birth of the JOKER

Compact, multifunctional and suitable for top productivity in the tiniest spaces: the Joker, the smallest of our combi steamers, is put into production for the first time.

2002 2002
Construction of the Dresden plant / colour and touchscreen display

The ever-increasing demand for Eloma combi steamers and baking ovens necessitates extension of the company's capacity. In 2002, production is relocated to the new plant in Bad Gottleuba in Sachsen. IThe colour and touchscreen display with intuitive menu navigation for all Eloma machines is introduced in the same year.

2005 2005

Guaranteed hygiene with the first fully automatic cleaning system for combi steamers: the autoclean® system gives perfect cleaning results, avoids direct contact with liquid cleaner and saves energy.

2006 2006
AGA Food Service Group / Multi-eco hood

Eloma joins AGA Food Service Equipment. Another Eloma innovation is placed on the market: the multi-eco hood. The process-controlled condensation hood does away with the cumbersome extraction hood and comes without a separate water connection – ideal for use in bakeries, service stations and supermarkets.

2007 2007
The launch of Eloma USA

Eloma has begun supplying goods worldwide by now, and combi steamers have even captured the American market. Eloma North America is founded in North Carolina in 2007 in order to provide customers in the USA with optimum service.

2008 2008
Ali Group

Since the start of 2008, Eloma GmbH has been part of the Ali Group, which is based in Milan. The Ali Group has been owned by the Berti family since it was founded in 1963, and 53 production plants worldwide and more than 74 brands representing almost every field in gastronomy and catering make it one of the biggest groups of companies in the catering industry. Being part of the biggest company worldwide in the food service sector brings Eloma financial stability, extensive expertise and experience in the various market segments, exchange of know-how and development of synergies.

2009 2009
Modular solutions

Bakeries at service stations and supermarkets make specific demands. They want to offer pastry products and tasty snacks which are always fresh, but they don't have much space. But Eloma's modular solutions make short work of that particular problem: Combi steamers, baking ovens, cooking cabinets and condensation hoods can be combined flexibly according to individual customers' specific needs.

2013 2013
New building, Bad Gottleuba plant

Short delivery times and outstanding service flexibility – Eloma has to grow in order to keep this promise. The production plant in Bad Gottleuba is fitted out with state-of-the-art technology, and customer service and Eloma service partner support are further optimised. And so that we can continue to claim that "Eloma lives and breathes cooking", a development centre with a laboratory and experimental kitchen is constructed there, as well as multimedia training and convention centre for training and international customer conferences.

2014 2014
GENIUS MT - simplicity at its best

The newest innovation from Eloma: the GENIUS MT. It enthuses with its advanced MT Technology, an high resolution MulitTouch Display and intuitive controls.

2015 2015
40 Years of Eloma and new compact series JOKERMT

One year after the GENIUS MT and on time for the 40 year anniversary Eloma launches the compact series JOKER MT with the Eloma-own MT Technology. The new JOKER MT is available as GN 2/3 and GN 1/1 model.

2017 2017
The new MULTIMAX - simply uncomplicated!

The perfect unit for the competent and experienced chef in the professional kitchen.

2019 2019
Eloma GENIUS MT - everything becomes even easier, even more ingenious

The facelift of the combi steamer GENIUS MT makes cooking and baking easier still, systematically.

2019 2019
The new compact baking oven BACKMASTER

The new EB 30 MT combines years of baking expertise with future-proof, user-friendly MT-Technology – excellent baking results are guaranteed.

2020 2020

ONE IS YOURS! Highest efficiency in the smallest space - that's how it works with the new JOKER. And he keeps its promises. Every time. The cavity is the same with and height on all three JOKER models. Based on this, you can configure your JOKER individually. That's what we call a product family!

2022 2022
GENIUS MT gets new user interface

The GENIUS MT combi steamer series is now equipped with a new user interface, taking it to the next level. The new launch is based on the new JOKER software with MT-Technology. This has now been in practical use for two years, especially with chain customers, and has proven its worth and capabilities there, as it ensures effi-cient workflows and safe rocesses for unskilled staff or requently chang-ing personnel, even without extensive training. Additional and improved features such as Multi Cooking PRO or Multi Baking PRO and weekly programming PRO enable cooking, baking and cleaning with ease, systematically.

2023 2023
Our new ones: the next generation of tabletop units

Welcome to the family! Inspired by the JOKER, developed for our customers. With the new generation of GENIUS MT and Multimax, we offer even better performance and quality. And with the Family design, the user experience and operation is also taken to the next level.

Recent news at a glance
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If you’re a user or a chef, you can learn more about the variety of uses and the options available to you with our combi steamer at an Eloma Forum near you. Registration and participation in Eloma practice seminars are free.

We offer service training for service partners. Here, you and your technicians can learn everything you need to know to help you provide a fast, professional service, giving you a foundation from which to ensure both your and our customers are happy.

Eloma is based on long-term cooperation and partnership. And for this, we need a mutual understanding of mindsets and processes, but of course we also need a knowledge of the latest trends and technologies. Hence we’d like to extend our warmest invitation to our specialist seminars.

You would like to join our team?
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We’re a dynamic company, developing and producing high-quality combi steamers, baking ovens and convection ovens for catering establishments. Our team spirit and commitment to quality and customer-oriented approaches makes us one of the best known suppliers in the field of gastronomy. As a subsidiary of the worldwide Ali Group, we’re one of the leading companies in our industry, and constantly growing.

We know that the quality of our company is the sum of the quality of all our staff. We expect ability, commitment, performance and conscientiousness from our staff. The management at Eloma say what they do and do what they say.


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Customer Service

Tel.: +49 8141 395-188 Mail: sales@eloma.com

Technical service

Tel.: +49 35023 63-888 Mail: service@eloma.com

Spare parts ordering

Tel.: +49 8141 395-188 Mail: parts@eloma.com

Application assistance

Tel.: +49 8141 395-150 Mail: application@eloma.com

Head office

Eloma GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Str. 10
D-82216 Maisach

Tel.: +49 8141 395-0
Fax.: +49 8141 395-130

Production and R&D/Engineering

Eloma GmbH
Oberer Ladenberg 10
D-01816 Bad Gottleuba-Berggiesshübel

Tel.: +49 35023 63-60
Fax.: +49 35023 63-616


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