compact class

The new JOKER

Ready for the REVOLUTION?

Here comes the first fully configurable compact class. More flexible than ever. More space efficient than all. More stylish than any other. And as individual as you.

  • Configurable modularity
  • Unbeatable capacity
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Contemporary design

Great solutions for any niche! You have a strong store concept. Not everyone fits. The new JOKER does, wanna bet? Thanks to the different sizes, you can also play around with the tray sizes. The right fit for your challenge. What more do you want?

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JOKER 6-23JOKER 6-43JOKER 6-11
Internal dimension
in total

W / D / H in mm
440 / 440 / 400440 / 570 / 400440 / 620 / 400
Internal dimension up
to air baffle

W / D / H in mm
440 / 370 / 400440 / 500 / 400440 / 550 / 400
Volume0,065 m30,088 m30,096 m3

hanging rack

Tray size

Examples max. capacity*
Bread rolls
Whole chicken

5 + 1 levels 2/3 GN
at 67 mm distance

325 mm x 354 mm

45 pieces à 70 - 85 gram
24 pieces à 70 gram
15 kilogramm
14 kilogramm
6 pieces à 1.100 gram

4 + 1 levels BN 43
at 84 mm distance

350 mm x 440 mm

48 pieces à 70 - 85 gram
36 pieces à 70 gram
16 kilogram
14 kilogram
8 pieces à 1.100 gram

5 + 1 levels 1/1 GN
at 67 mm distance

325 mm x 530 mm

60 pieces à 70 - 85 gram
32 pieces à 70 gram
20 kilogram
21 kilogram
8 pieces à 1.100 gram
* depending on the hanging rack. Cooking: 5+1 levels at 67 mm distance, Baking: 4+1 levels at 84 mm distance; different hanging racks available according to the application.

Which is your good side? Finally, there is that one that fits your practice. The JOKER does not care where you want the control module to be. Where it makes sense, take the top spot.

And the door is hinged where it is the most useful for your work flow.

Refresh Animation
JOKER 6-23JOKER 6-43JOKER 6-11
External dimension

W / D / H in mm
Control left
Control on top
Control right

650 / 625 / 560
520 / 625 / 693
650 / 625 / 560

650 / 755 / 560
520 / 755 / 693
650 / 755 / 560

650 / 805 / 560
520 / 805 / 693
650 / 805 / 560
Position of ControlDoor
On TopRight or left hinged door
LeftRight hinged door
RightLeft hinged door

Make a clear statement! What’s your story? Are you the doer, getting things done as they come your way? Or rather a thinker, planning ahead with a structural approach and exact processes? Any way, the new JOKER suits every character with its choice of control.

Multifunctional, with system!Reduced and focussed!
MT ControlST Control
DescriptionNobody likes long explanations. Introdu- cing working with ease, systematically. New features help you to not only bake and cook, but to work with programmes and to plan your workflow. With the new MT-Technology you have your new JOKER and the work routine fully under control.Focussing on manual cooking and
baking. You make clear announcements and are a passionate craftsman, that‘s what the operating concept of the ST control is all about: getting it done!
Features (extract)Support with start-up settings
Weekly programming PRO
Multi Cooking / Multi Baking PRO
Multifunctionality (new functions)
Even more possibilities to individualize the operating concept - standardizing your operating
Manual cooking / baking (depending on the choice of water module)
Programme list
Special programmes
NoteDepending on your choice of the position of the control module, the alignment is adjusted (horizontal / vertical).Depending on your choice of the position of the control module, the alignment is adjusted (horizontal / vertical).

Need a bit of steam? With the basic version of the new JOKER you are well positioned. It is the ultimate convection oven. And when a little more is needed: with a bit of water, you put the steam in the machine. For great cooking and baking results.

You wanna go for a convection oven? Just skip the water module.
For best baking results, even steaming is ideal, resulting in a crisp bread crust with a moist crumb.
Fresh Steam System
No thermal power plant in your team? No worries, that’s what your JOKER with fresh steam system is for. Perfectly matched to every dish and ready for new set ups in no time.
Steam injectionFresh steam system
DescriptionGood baking results depend on the right approach! With the new JOKER you can define the steam injection exactly to the milliliter. A manual steam injection during operation is still possible at any time. For perfect shine and best evenness.The objective: saving time, energy and water. The solution: the Eloma own fresh steam system. It generates steam directly in the cavity. Right when and just as much as needed. Ready to go within seconds whenever you want. The immediate change of operating modes is possible any time. Just as flexible as you are!
Application examplePastry in, steam off! No wasting of time allowed, so that bread and rolls rise nicely when baking and are deliciously crunchy.Let the salmon smile. Cooked to the point, glassy appearance, juicy taste. Also sensitive products succeed perfectly in the fresh steam system.
Water tank moduleFor all occasions where there is no fixed water supply, the JOKER is available with a water tank module. With an integrated fresh and waste water tank, there is no limit to flexibility. Filling levels of the water tanks are conveniently shown on the display, this guarantees intuitive handling and ease of use.
Help yourself. With a cloth and spray cleaner, you get it done.
Hand Shower
Quick meal – quick clean. Just take the hand shower and cleaning is done in Minutes.
Running around all day and cleaning no longer tickles your fancy? We are with you… that’s why we offer autoclean® PRO. A real clean solution. And very relaxing.

Spotless! Daily cleaning routine – done by you or someone else? Your choice. Rinse it out with the hand shower or let the fully automatic autoclean® PRO take over. Easy as pie!

autoclean® PRO with liquid cleanerautoclean® PRO with solid cleanerHand shower
DescriptionOur fully automatic cleaning system autoclean® PRO stands out with minimum consumption of water, cleaning agents and energy. No waiting time, no manual steps necessary. Cleaning: go!No space for canisters? We offer flexibility and a spacesaving solution. That‘s what the JOKER is! Saving resources also applies here: with minimal consumption of water, detergents and energy.Easy and effective: with the practical hand shower, you can quickly rinse out the cavity.
ApplicationChoose cleaning level - done. Or, with MT control, fully automate the process: define start or end time, or even use weekly programming PRO for a long term cleaning plan. Automatic door opening makes it perfect!Simply place the tab(s) on the built-in outlet sieve, and off you go. Nothing else has to be put in or out.Crumbs are all that‘s left in the cavity after a busy day in your shop, providing fresh baked goods from morning to evening. Hand shower at hand, rinse, wipe - and you are set for the next busy day.
NoteYou can also use our cleaner tabs at any time.You don‘t need a finisher tab with every single cleaning cycle. But don‘t worry: the JOKER tells you when.The JOKER supports you and gives you cleaning instructions via the screen.

Your eye candy! Go for individuality. Design makes the difference and we allow for various options. The right fit for your custom shop design concept.

Back cover
All eyes on the back. Done… with the new JOKER and its cover. No more cables and hoses catching your customer’s attention, but your product offering instead.
There is always room for more. Take full advantage of the space on top of the JOKER with the storage module. Everything is safely stowed away, no sliding, no falling down. Because every centimeter counts. Note: the control module needs to be on the side.
What if your new JOKER adapts to your colour concept? Colour up your shop, including your JOKER. Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces.
StorageBack coverColour
shortage of space - make the most of it by using also the top of the unit. With the storage module, nothing will slide or fall down. Obviously, this only works with the control module on the side.

Every centimeter counts.
The JOKER can turn its back. Choose the back cover, use it as a promotional space, for example by including your own logo. Provide the right message to your customers.

The choice is yours!
You want to show your colours? The JOKER can too, according to your taste - it does not need to clash. Make it yours by giving it a paintwork.

> Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces
Built-in kit
All three cavity sizes JOKER 6-23, 6-43 and 6-11 with control on top and multi-eco condensation hood can be integrated in standard kitchen cupboards.
Support Stands
A safe place for your trays: configure a support stand with levels for your JOKER. A bottom shelf works too – or you take it naked, i.e. completely open.
Multi-Eco-Condensation Hood
When the boss lets off steam, the atmosphere is bad. This won’t happen with the new JOKER with condensation hood. Your reliable partner in crime for a good working climate.
One space, two units? No problem. No protruding parts, everything is ergonomic and fits in every niche. Design, dimensions and connections are well brought into line - this is one of our many contributions.

A clever move! Make the most out of your JOKER. With useful accessories and details, you get the best combination of aesthetics and functionality. Just to suit you!

Support StandsCombimix-KitsMulto-Eco-Condensation HoodBuilt-in kit
We continue the modular approach. Configure the support stand of your new JOKER according to
your needs: with or without levels, with or without bottom shelf.

> retrofit possible
A clever move! The new compact class can easily be stacked to a power center. No protruding parts. Everything fits. The maximum recommended insertion height is maintained. For a comfortable working environment.Condensation hood on - easy breeze! The moisture and vapors produced during cooking are condensed in the hood.
This pleases the kitchen team as well as the guest. And by the way you conserve the environment.

Looks good, right?
A perfect fit when built in your kitchen cupboard. With the hood, you do not need to worry about exhaust air. The heavy duty pull-out rails will make
your service technician smile: the JOKER 6-23 can be pulled out completely, so service and maintenance are an easy game.

A practical solution!

With full steam ahead! It is our goal to always provide the best support, ensuring that your Eloma units remain your reliable partners. Thanks to a wide spread service network, a comprehensive online platform and informative end-user trainings.

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