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Use the original Eloma baking trays. This will prevent your rolls from sticking, and you won’t have to buy expensive parchment paper.

Have you inserted the core temperature probe correctly? The probe is not touching any metal, is it? Insert the metal probe into the food so that it can operate with all measurement points.

We recommend a temperature of between 78 degrees and 82 degrees for a really soft leg of lamb.

With pretzels of 70 grams each, you should place no more than 12 pretzels on each tray. The pretzels will be baked evenly within 15 minutes. So you can bake 384 pretzels in an hour. For crispy results, you should always activate dehumidification.

There are two ways of doing this. The whole piece, can be reheated with a core temperature of 95 degrees and 40% ambient humidity. But this takes a very long time. It would be better to cut the veal into slices while cold, place it into a GN container and reheat it with a temperature of 120 degrees and 35% ambient humidity for about 8-10 minutes.

Yes, of course. Use our “Hotspot” accessory and grill at 220 degrees and 9% humidity. Save the cooking process under the type of fish and the type of meat. Then you can use the combi cook function to cook both products with no transfer of flavour from one to the other.

75°C degrees with 100% humidity is the best cooking temperature. No protein will escape if you use this. You can always add meat as well. Transfer of flavour from one product to another is impossible thanks to our patented live steam system.

Yes, no problem. Use the smooth part of our Eloma Hotspot. When preheating, insert the Hotspot into the machine. Use the Eloma “Scout” to set the hot air to 230 degrees with 0% humidity and select the preheating step. When you hear the signal tone, you can insert the pizza in the same way as with a pizza oven, and even back several pizzas in a row with the combi cook function.

If you’re a registered user, you’ll find the wiring diagrams in Info 24 (look for the relevant machine type). You can also contact our service staff directly during Eloma business hours by calling the service hotline at +49 35023 63888 and asking for the relevant wiring diagrams. For floor models, the wiring diagram is normally located on the operating panel. For tabletop models, the wiring diagram is behind the side wall. In our EB 30 and JOKER models, the wiring diagram is behind the operating panel.

It’s important to regularly clean the air filter, in and under the operating panel, and the air intake under the operating panel. This is the only way to ensure sufficient cooling of the electronic control of your equipment.

Eloma liquid cleaner and rinser are available from your Eloma specialist dealer or Eloma service team partner in your region. You can also order these directly from Eloma.

Filter cartridges for water purification are available at your specialist dealer.

An overview of Eloma service team partners can be found here. Our service technicians on the service hotline on +49 35023 63888 would also be happy to tell you about service technicians near to you.

A soft water connection is required only for steam generation to prevent the cooking chamber from scaling. A hard water connection is required for the hand shower, the cleaning system and when the machine is connected to the wastewater system.


Information on spare parts can be found in our spare parts finder. Please log in here to INFO 24.

Information on the courses on offer can be found here. You can also contact our service hotline on +49 35023 63888 for this information.

Click on “Forgotten password?”. You then have the option of resetting your password using your registered e-mail address or your username. Follow the instructions in the e-mail which you’ll receive from us.

Please contact our service hotline on +49 35023 63888. We’d be happy to help you.

To order spare parts online, you have to register with our INFO 24 portal.
If you’ve already registered, click on “Process user data”, check the box beside “Order spare parts online”, then confirm by clicking “Save user data”. The online shop will now be available to you.

If you have any questions, please contact our service hotline on +49 35023 63888.

Click on “Apply to return goods” beneath the online shop. Open the “Eloma parts slip” and complete this so that your return can be processed as quickly as possible.

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Our service partners are available for you world wide. They guarantee local fast and competent assistance should you experience technical problems.

  • Authorized Eloma Service Team Partners have been trained and certified according to Eloma high quality standards.
  • Eloma Service Partner are service partners trained by Eloma.

Here you will find an Eloma Service Partner located near you.

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