We can not save the world, but we can make it a little better.

Why Eloma?

It is not always easy to keep a cool head when a rush is on in the restaurant kitchen at seven in the evening. Your staff have to function. And your equipment more than ever. It’s no different at the baker’s or the butcher’s counter when the workers arrive at half past nine for their mid-morning snack. Everyone and everything has to be on the ball. That goes for the chefs, the sales team and the technology.
At Eloma, we know these everyday stories of the catering market.

That’s why we know exactly which demands are made of the equipment. Finding the appropriate solutions for an optimum workflow is our personal motivation.

As a global leader for combi steamers, baking ovens and convection ovens for the professional sector, we do not regard ourselves as merely an industrial company, but rather as craftsmen working for craftsmen.

Chefs, butchers and bakers make a significant contribution to the development of our professional euqipment. And, given that we always focus on the human element, we are able to develop user-friendly products which make your life as a professional easier.

We’re very proud of that!

Practical. Always reliable.

Imagine the perfect employee. One who always performs to the highest standards, is practically always on hand when needed, and constantly supplies the same, high-quality cooking and baking results. This is the idea we apply to develop our products - your equipment. State-of-the-art, intelligent, intuitive, innovative and in touch with your daily routine.

The secret to our success: Listening.

A partnership between partners who do not talk to each other cannot last very long. We aim to be a genuine partner for kitchen professionals and enablers. This means that we listen when you tell us your stories from your daily workflow. We reflect and question. Finally, based on your input, we draft new ideas and products which do exactly what you want: They work! As simply as possible. And as efficiently as possible.

For us, tomorrow starts today.

Every good restaurant business has its classics. But that is not enough. Listen. Think. Perceive trends. Create something new. Tastes change. The demands made of professional equipment too. That's why we permanently observe and monitor new concepts in the catering and on the food market: To be able to be prepared for new challenges in good time and provide you with the right helpers. We call it: seeing the bigger picture.

Pioneers in sustainability.

The first thing you see of a new Eloma product is probably the packaging. And that's where it starts: 100% of our packaging material is recyclable. In the same way, we select all our suppliers based of criteria of sustainable production. The high quality demands in our own production are part of our sustainability strategy. Eloma products still run efficiently after ten or fifteen years. A clear statement against the throwaway mentality.
We take special care of our most important resource: our employees. Because satisfied employees are the best guarantee for forward-looking ideas and constantly good customer relationships.

What satisfied customers say:

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Our service partners are available for you world wide. They guarantee local fast and competent assistance should you experience technical problems.

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