Unit in use: 1 x MULTIMAX B 6-11 Gas

Mattacco Chicken

Mattacco is one of the strongest brands in the Korean food service industry. They seek quality instead of quantity and establish trust between HQ and store owners. Since the first store was opened on July 1st. 2010 the business grew successfully and new stores opened. Now there are 110 Mattacco Chicken restaurants in Korea.

Mattacco’s recipe for success: A special oven baked chicken covered with brown rice.

Mr.In, president of Mattacco Chicken, has strong confidence in his Eloma combi-steamers. „Eloma combi-steamers were “the ideal product “ for our franchise business. I’ve worked in R&D departments of other franchise companies in the past. Therefore I am very experienced with commercial combi-steamers. When I started my own business, I tested these combi-steamers in various ways and gathered all data. Then I chose the best combi-steamer based on the objective test result for my first franchise business.“

Mr. In, President of Mattacco Chicken, South Korea

„The Eloma combi-steamer is the best oven that I’ve known regarding durability, heat recovery, even cooking and baking results. Generally, all combi steamers are able to prove their real worth after one year of use. In case of the Eloma combi steamers, there’s no difference in quality even though we use these ovens in the field for several years. “

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