Like the JOKER MT, the JOKER B is quite at home in the world. Even when space is at a premium, e.g. at service stations or in small bistros, there’s always room for the JOKER. For baking, cooking or steaming – with its eight operating modes, all kinds of options are open to you.

The space-saving Eloma original.

The JOKER B comes with classic controls and comfortable rotary knobs. It is expertly equipped, even in its basic version. Whether steaming, combi-steaming or convection cooking – with its 8 operation modes all possibilities are open to you. JOKER B – all options within a 52 cm wide combi.

Huge benefits for all professional chefs and bakers.

  • Minimal heating time (less than 2.5 minutes to reach 160 degrees Celsius)
  • Perfect cooking temperature: stable and precise to the degree, even in the lower temperature range
  • Energy and water consumption reduced to a minimum
  • Significant savings on ingredients thanks to minimised cooking losses and waste
  • 50% more capacity thanks to variable tray sizes
  • Lightning-fast cooling
  • Optimisation of product usage thanks to superbly even temperature distribution
  • Precise, regular air distribution at all levels
  • Perfect combination of cooking parameters

JOKER B. The compact, multi-talented machine.

  • High-resolution 7`` color monitor with true MultiTouch technology
  • A simple stroke of the finger simultaneously sets temperature and humidity to the exact degree and percentage. Climatic® MT makes it possible
  • The function Last® 20 remembers the last 20 cooking processes – nothing is lost
  • A touch with your finger puts all settings exactly where you want them to be thanks to Quick Set
  • System caterers will love Quick Mode. It allows rapid and standard handling in all outlets by means of specifically predetermined operating sequences
  • 9 cooking methods, 9 menu groups, low temperature and Delta T cooking
  • 400 cooking and baking programs and favorites function
  • Programmes can be adjusted without stopping the cooking process
  • Manual, exact steaming in the baking mode

Technical Details.

  • Eight operating modes from 30°C – 300°C
  • Digital display for time, cooking chamber temperature and core temperature
  • 5 cleaning programmes for all kinds of contamination (with the autoclean® option)
  • HACCP display showing all data, data can be archived via PC and LAN interfaces
  • ProConnect software for creation and management of cooking and baking programmes and HACCP data management
  • Programmes can be adjusted without stopping the machine
  • Automatic heating and cooling, with cool down function
  • Manual, precise steaming

Live steam is generated by our patented heat recovery system and directly injected into the dispersion tube. This saves energy and creates live steam within seconds without preheating.

Key benefits:

  • perfectly saturated steam quality, precise to the millilitre
  • economical and ecological: greatly reduced cooking times, minimal use of materials, massively reduced energy and water consumption with the very best food quality
  • maximum hygiene thanks to elimination of the boiler and a steady supply of freshly generated steam

The ultimate in hygiene and safety – our unique, patented, fully automatic self-cleaning system


Your combi steamer takes care of everything on its own at the touch of a button.


  • Liquid cleaning system coordinated with Eloma products and ready for use, for optimum cleaning results and the best possible surface protection
  • Proven, unsurpassed cleaning results: requiring a minimal amount of time, power and water
  • Extremely low cleaning costs thanks to precise measuring of the liquid cleaner
  • Maximum safety protection, no direct contact with any cleaning chemicals
  • The program can be started at any time without manual cooling or need to open the door
  • Perfect cleaning results thanks to a rotary jet
  • No more refilling or handling of cartridges or tabs
  • Top hygiene standards for products and processes

We recommend our Eloma MULTI-CLEAN products for the best cleaning results and long operating life.

Perfect ergonomics – we manufacture your machine to suit your requirements.


Only Eloma offers this: no matter where you position your machine, Eloma can adapt it to fit the space you have available. Our machines are available with door hinges on the right-hand side or with a control control panel on the left-hand side.

  • Easy to adjust and install
  • We offer custom system solutions as an innovative solutions provider
  • Outstanding flexibility for all applications thanks to an optimised delivery program
  • Original Eloma live steam system
  • Preheating and rapid cooling
  • Manual steaming
  • Temperature range 30°C – 300°C
  • Optional grease filter
  • Integrated cooling function
  • Fan wheel – auto reverse and large cooking chamber for superbly even results
  • E/2 energy saving function
  • Hose spray
  • Timer function – Start time preselection
  • Multi-point core temperature sensor

PHILIPP KASIER I Owner ``Entenhaus`` Erfurt

``I am particularly enthusiastic about the fully automatic cleaning - the so-called autoclean. With shuddering, I remember the combosters of my former employers, all of whom had been brought in at a time when such self-cleaning was not yet offered. Then it was said to scrutinize what the rootbrushes gave. Both jokers are also equipped with the Eloma multi-eco-hood, because nothing drives the guests faster than biting kitchen. And I am also satisfied with my energy and water costs: thanks to the Eloma multi-eco system, I save electricity and water. ``
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