Expand Your C-Store Menu. Reduce Your Equipment Footprint.

Eloma for Convenience Stores

GENIUS MT C combi oven:

9 operation modes & the industry’s smallest footprint.


Demand for C-Store prepared foods is booming. Making the most of the trend, means:

  1. Offering quality, consistently prepared hot food items
  2. Minimizing associated program costs like specialized labor, training, floor space, equipment and operating costs


These requirements formed the blueprint for Eloma’s GENIUS MT C.

Cooking and baking with ease. Systematically. With GENIUS MT C.

With a single piece of equipment smaller than a typical self-serve fountain drink machine, you can offer restaurant-quality food chain-wide without building and staffing a restaurant kitchen inside your stores.

  • Key features:
  • Quick mode: puts menu control in the hands of the corporate chef. Using the combi oven’s MultiTouch panel, staff at the store level simply select the item to be prepared from a set list of photo-based menu options.
  • Boiler-less Design: Genius MT C’s patented Live-Steam system eliminates the need for a boiler. No boiler means dramatically reduced maintenance concerns and costs.
  • Safety First: Numerous features help staff operate Genius MT C safely and productively.
  • Self-Cleaning: autoclean® MT takes care of the mess efficiently, using minimal cleaning agents and eliminates any direct contact with cleaning chemicals.
  • Standardization: Standardize your menu across all stores with Eloma’s easy-to-use options for loading and updating cooking programs and settings.
  • Much, much more!

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