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Simple. Ingenious. GENIUS.

Discover the GENIUSMT, the ideal combi steamer for foodservice operations. It impresses with its outstanding performance and versatility. In the  commercial kitchen, it ensures a continuous production flow with efficiency and reliability. In the restaurant, it offers flexibility to master a wide variety of dishes with different preparation methods. In system catering, it shines with its fast preheating time, even heat distribution and automatic cleaning.


Thanks to MT technology, controlling and adjusting the optimal parameters is a breeze.
You can steam cook gently or fry until crispy – the GENIUSMT meets a wide range of culinary requirements and gives you maximum control over the cooking process.


Safety is our priority at all levels: The high material quality and our intensive quality checks ensure safe and smooth operation.
Hygiene is also part of the business! With Eloma, you save yourself the scrubbing. In the GENIUSMTautoclean® PRO takes over the complete cleaning of the combi steamer. Our cleaning system stands for absolute hygiene and safe handling. With the GENIUSMT combi steamer, you can even easily define a cooking and cleaning schedule for the entire year. That leaves no questions unanswered.



We have carefully thought through every aspect of the GENIUSMT to ensure that you, the user, are the focus. Your cooking pleasure and culinary creativity are our top priority.


Our goal is to meet the requirements and needs of all users. With the MT control system, we have developed an intuitive user interface that is easy to use and can be adapted to the individual needs of each user.


We focus on efficiency and quality. The GENIUSMT consumes less energy and still delivers excellent results. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also makes economic sense.


We focus on efficiency and quality. The GENIUSMT consumes less energy and still delivers excellent results. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also makes economic sense.


With the GENIUSMT, you can boost your productivity without compromising. Increase capacity without increasing size. Achieve more without taking up extra space.


The GENIUSMT is always ready for action and always in top form. A reliable team player that proves itself in any situation.


More capacity in series and at the same time resource-saving. The vario hanging rack can be used with GN and BN accessories and offers up to 50% more capacity compared to the previous model, depending on the accessories.

A capacitive display with a glass control element. Together with our intuitive operating concept, operating the unit becomes child’s play.

Advanced personalization options make your daily work easier. Individual settings adapt the unit to your specific needs.

More performance with significantly less consumption. Designed to be energy-optimized and water-saving, Eco Steam uses up to 33% less water compared to the steam function of the predecessor model.

The powerful steam function for demanding foods. Perfect humidity control from the start.

Less power consumption and environmentally friendly. Designed for long and sustainable life.

Reduces water consumption and chemical use by 32%. The hygrid cleaning system with either liquid or solid cleaner for economical cleanliness. Cleans fully automatically in combination with liquid cleaner.

• 12 operating modes
• ADC – Active dehumidification control in 5 levels
• Automatic summer / winter time changeover
• Automatic rest time depending on the amount of humidification
• Automation of cleaning and maintenance instructions, including blocking
• Glass control panel with 9″ display and MultiTouch
• Manual humidification (additional)
• Presettable humidification quantity (in 10 ml steps)
• Flashing light at end of cooking program
• Data and HACCP logging and display
• E/2 – Energy saving function
• Eco Steam
• Setting start screen
• Favorites identification during storage process
• Favorites list and favorites search
• Humidity range: 0 % to 100 % humidity (percentage accurate)
• Fresh steam system
• Cooking time compensation (Multi Cooking PRO/Multi Baking PRO)
• Cooking time extension / post-bake function
• Individualization of the operating concept with password manager
• Integrated hose shower
• Core temperature, adjustable between 20°C and 100°C (accurate to the degree)
• LAN interface
• Fan wheel autoreverse
• Fan wheel clocked- Multipoint core temperature sensor
• Multilingual user interface (25 languages)
• Multi-eco system: heat recovery
• Multi Menu
• MT technology: baking mode
• Last® 20
• Multi Cooking PRO/Multi Baking PRO
• MultiTouch display
• Quick Mode Cooking/Baking
• Quick Mode Cleaning
• Quick Set
• Power Steam
• Programs and Media Manager
• Program list with 1000 programs, 20 steps each
• Cleaning fully automatic: autoclean ® PRO
• Steam quantity adjustable in milliliters or seconds
• Special programs (low temperature cooking, regenerating, holding, defrosting, proofing)
• SPS – Steam Protection System
• Start-up settings
• Steptronic and step overview
• Temperature, adjustable between 30°C and 300°C (accurate to the degree)
• Timer function: start/end time input
• Door left hinged
• Door with LED lighting and double glazing
• Quick door lock
• Weekly programming PRO for cooking/baking programs and autoclean®PRO


• Backmaster Edition (BME)
• Energy optimization connection
• External core temperature sensor (also for BME)
• External sous-vide probe (not for BME)
• Special voltages
• Electric door lock (for automatic door opening after end of cooking/baking/cleaning program)
• Safety door lock
• Door with LED lighting and triple glazing

Product overview

6 levels GN 1/1
Capacity: ca. 12 Whole chicken

Fact sheet

10 levels GN 1/1
Capacity: ca. 42 kg Roast

Fact sheet

20 levels GN 2/1
Capacity: ca. 160 kg Prime boiled beef

Fact sheet

Mak Catering, Sydney

Our appliances are always on the road and get set up and connected a lot. Therefore the reliability of our combi-steamers is a major criteria for us, they have to be particularly durable. Only Eloma offers that – not without reason do we have 26 GENIUS T in our portfolio. Thanks to the top-quality material and the good craftsmanship, we can assemble and disassemble our Eloma combi-steamers again and again. That is crucial in our business.
Martin Köstlin

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