Your Most Reliable and Productive Employee: Eloma GENIUS MT

Eloma for Healthcare Foodservice Operations

This year’s AHF members stated emphatically that staffing is their biggest challenge. It’s a complex problem with many facets, including:

  1. Doing More with Less: Members face pressure to accomplish more without adding staff
  2. Fewer Compromises: Meeting high patient and customer expectations with the available staff is an unrelenting demand.
  3. Retaining quality employees: Staff turnover is not nearly as sweet as a warm apple turnover. Especially when departing staff are your best employees


At Eloma, we know this challenge all too well. Many of us are former chefs, bakers, foodservice directors or restaurant operators. We’re relentless about optimizing foodservice workflows and our award-winning combi steamers reflect that passion in every tiny detail.

Cooking and baking with ease. Systematically. With GENIUS MT.

Good employees arrive early, are ready to work, and do their jobs efficiently, competently and without complaint. The best employees, like Eloma GENIUS MT, do all that and more.


Some of what you can accomplish with Eloma GENIUS MT:

  • Room Service on a Budget

Room service can be a staffing nightmare. With no set dayparts and unpredictable order volumes, you can find yourself seesawing between under- and over-staffing throughout the day.

GENIUS MT helps even out staffing requirements without hobbling your room service offering. The combi steamer’s ability to prepare a diverse set of menu items simultaneously then retherm plated meals on demand enables you to staff up at set times to prepare meals to fill the day’s demand, then staff down at other points and still provide quick, on-demand service.

The oven’s precise application of convection and steam cooking ensures rethermed meals taste fresh from the oven.


  • Consistently Top-Quality Results

All the speed and convenience in the world is meaningless if the product doesn’t taste great. With GENIUS MT, vegetables are crisp, meats are tender, fried foods are crunchy and baked goods are light and fluffy.

Schedule a demo today and we’ll prove it to you.


  • Expanded Menu Options

With the GENIUS MT, even your non-chef staff can: steam, roast, grill, bake, fry and more. With 9 cooking methods in total, no menu item is out of reach.

Additionally, many menu items can be prepared simultaneously without flavor transfer, so even profitable, small-volume items are candidates for your newly expanded menu.


  • Higher Job Satisfaction

Make your and your staff’s lives better and job satisfaction will follow. Improve job satisfaction and retention will improve. Some of the ways Eloma combi ovens contribute to job satisfaction include:

Reduced cooking supervision: Automated cooking with minimal need to rotate pans, means less time spent in menial cooking tasks.

Self-cleaning: autoclean® MT takes care of the mess efficiently, using minimal cleaning agents and eliminates any direct contact with cleaning chemicals.


Retained knowledge: Losing an employee often means losing a key recipe or technique. With GENIUS MT, recipes are perfected and programmed into the unit. When you do lose a valued staff member, their expertise stays with the oven.

Safety First: Eloma’s numerous safety features greatly reduce the risk of workplace injuries.


  • Minimal Maintenance

GENIUS MT’s patented Live-Steam system eliminates the need for a boiler. No boiler means dramatically reduced maintenance costs and downtime risks.


  • Get more from fewer top-level staff

Operating multiple facilities in a healthcare system? Staffing each facility with a trained chef can be costly. Because GENIUS MT stores your recipes and the associated cooking operations, less-skilled staff can produce your menu to perfection on site, while your corporate chef sets the menu.


  • Much, much more!

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