Eloma warranty terms and conditions

Warranty terms and conditions

Eloma GmbH (hereinafter: Eloma) grants to the end customer a warranty on newly manufactured Eloma products, subject to the following terms and conditions. These provisions are without prejudice to the dealer’s legal warranty pursuant to his purchase contract with the end customers.

  1. The warranty period amounts to 12 months, beginning on the day of the installation of the product at the end customer’s place of business, but in no case longer than 18 months after delivery of the products by Eloma from the works.
  2. The submission of a written confirmation or installation invoice from the dealer, distribution partner or service partner by the end customer will be deemed sufficient evidence of the installation date.
  3. During the warranty period, Eloma will remedy any and all defects which are verifiably the result of material or manufacturing defects for end customers in Germany and Austria.
  4. During the warranty period, Eloma will supply solely original spare parts which are verifiably the result of material or manufacturing defects to end customers outside Germany and Austria. Any more extensive services or reimbursement for labour is excluded.
  5. The warranty service will be performed at Eloma’s option by repair, subsequent improvement, replacement of defective parts or replacement of the product.
  6. The performance of warranty services does not result in either an extension or recommencement of the warranty period.
  7. Replaced parts become the property of Eloma.
  8. Eloma will not assume any transport costs or risks.
  9. As soon as an end customer has become aware of damage or defects, he must report them to Eloma in writing within 14 days after they have become discernible. Receipt of the report by an Eloma SERVICE TEAM PARTNER is authoritative for compliance with the deadline.
  10. Warranty claims do not exist for any damage caused by improper installation or for damage resulting from attempted repairs carried out by unqualified persons or without regard for instructions, from work carried out by third parties who have not been authorised by Eloma, from improper handling, incorrect operation or failure to comply with the operating instructions. In particular, but not exclusively, the use of contaminated, corrosive water, of poor-quality gas or of electricity which is not of suitable amperage or voltage shall be deemed improper handling. Any and all damage caused by excessive voltage is excluded from the warranty.
  11. Any and all warranties expire immediately if and when the Eloma installation instructions are not followed, required maintenance and inspection cycles are not observed or cleaning or care agents which have not been expressly approved by Eloma are used.
  12. Consumables and parts subject to wear and tear such as lamps, seals, etc. as well as glass damage are excluded from the warranty. Furthermore, the warranty does not extend to the natural wear and tear on the product.
  13. No warranty claims exist for damage and functional malfunctions caused by the build-up of scale on the product.
  14. Any and all warranties expire immediately if and when spare or wear and tear parts which are not original Eloma products are used, regardless of whether the damage or defect is a result of their use.
  15. This international warranty is valid in all countries and claims may be asserted under this warranty for products located in any and all countries in which authorised partners of Eloma perform warranty services in accordance with these international terms and conditions of warranty.
  16. An obligation to perform the warranty services exists solely if the product has been operated in conformity with the technical specifications of the country in which the product is located.
  17. This international warranty from Eloma GmbH provided to the end customer is governed by German law (with the exception of regulations of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods, CISG). Munich Regional Court I, Germany, has sole and exclusive jurisdiction with respect to any and all claims arising under this warranty and any and all disputes related to this warranty.
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