Ideal for all combi steamers.

Goose with apple and orange filling

Wash the geese inside and outside using cold running water and season. Chop the filling ingredients and mix. Stuff geese and prick under the wings and legs to allow the fat to drain. Place the rest of the filling as well as the wings and necks on two GN 1/1 65 mm. UNIQUE CAPACITY IN JOKER MT 1-1: 4 GEESE AT THE SAME TIME!

Ingredients for 4 persons

  • 1.5 kg apples
  • 1.5 kg onions
  • 3 kg oranges
  • 1 Bundle of leaf parsley
  • 1 Bunch of mugwort


180 Min.
Step: Preheat combi steamer
Step: STEAM - Place geese with the back up on the tray. Cook for 30 minutes at 100°C with 100% moisture.
Step: COMBI STEAM - Turn geese. Insert the core temperature sensor in the leg. Continue cooking process at 130°C, 25% humidity and reduced fan speed until the core temperature reaches 83°C.
Step: COMBI STEAM - Continue cooking at 95°C with 25% humidity and reduced fan speed for 2 hours. In the meantime, pass the fund and skim off the fat.
Step: CONVECTION - Place two grids on a granite-enamelled GN tray each and place two geese on each grid. Place the geese diagonally with the breast up on the grids and brush with salt water. Now preheat the JOKER MT to 210°C and place the geese in the oven. Cook approx. 15 min. at 190°C with activated dehumidification.


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